Wild college boys giving blow jobs to straight guys

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There’s so much hot action and first time gays sex going on between these naked straight guys that the only girl amongst them who’s fully clothed, doesn’t know where to look first. It’s fun being at dick dorm and even more fun when adrenalin and hormones turn these straight guys into sex machines. Dared or not, four hot studs got completely naked with two lying on the bed and two between their legs sucking and licking and swallowing as much of real cock as they could possibly fit. First time gay sex was new for all of them at dick dorm, and it proved to be just as much fun as they were told.

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Straight guys get blow jobs while blindfolded in the dick dorm

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Being blindfolded turns on all the other senses and makes blowjobs that much more exciting at dick dorm. It’s a first time gay sex for the naked stud as he gets to experience some exceptional cock sucking. He heard that straight guys tried this at dick dorm before but never thought it would be his turn, as he was sitting on the chair, held back by one of his mates and experienced first time gay sex. Not being able to see which one of them was sucking on, all her could do was just sit back and enjoy it and then share it with the rest of the straight guys later.

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It’s first time gay sex for both straight guys and they love it

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The good old times at dick dorm are something these two hot straight guys will treasure forever. With one of them lying on his bed completely naked, his best mate is down between his legs with his lips carefully wrapped around his whole width giving his first time gay sex experience.

Naked stud covered his face with a pillow and let his mind and body enjoy this precious dick dorm fun. As the second guy grabbed onto the hips, he skillfully worked his lips and tongue down the shaft, gaining some much needed first time gay sex action for himself. Couple of sexy straight guys were only doing this for fun, but ended up liking it so much more.

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Naked straight guys waiting for their first time gay sex experience

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The dick dorm room is messy but that’s what straight guys are like. Young and carefree and tidying up was the last thing on their mind. Standing completely naked three hot straight guys are just about to share their first time gay sex experience together. It’s not for the lack of girlfriends at dick dorm but rather that they are curious and eager to try new things. Having their cocks sucked like they should be sucked excited them and feeling the hot lips wrapped around the tip and working down the shaft was all they cared about and what initially got them thinking about first time gay sex. They’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain at dick dorm so the caution was thrown to the wind and fun began.

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First time gay sex for both of the straight guys

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Away from the prying eyes in their dick dorm room and all alone and rather horny, two hot straight guys wanted to know what first time gay sex really feels like. With one completely, naked the other got straight to work, sucking on like he never sucked before and delivering as well as experiencing first time gay sex. With both straight guys having their eyes closed, it’s obvious that they enjoyed the fantastic time at dick dorm that prepared them for future one way or another and first time gay sex was crucial part of that preparation.

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